Cody Barton Camo Jersey

Cody Barton Camo Jersey

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Can Your Dog Stomach This?

There's an old adage that says "You are what you eat". While more and more Americans are becoming aware of the need to reduce or altogether eliminate processed foods from their diets L.J. Collier Black Jersey , we need to do the same for our pets. The ingredients that make up most commercial, processed pet foods are not fit for even non-human consumption.

To be fair, not all manufacturers use poor or potentially dangerous ingredients. In fact, there are a few that use human grade, healthy ingredients. But most pet food widely available on the shelf of the local discount store should be a source of concern for pet owners.

The sources of protein used vary vastly. Any slaughtered animal Michael Dickson Black Jersey , cattle, swine, poultry, lamb ? is a source of pet food protein. Well, that doesn't sound so bad but the question is this: what parts of that slaughtered animal is in my pet's kibble? Bones Shaquem Griffin Black Jersey , blood, intestines, lungs, ligaments, beaks Chris Carson Black Jersey , feet, undeveloped eggs, and feathers are termed by-products by the industry and are a questionable source of nourishment for our animals.

Fat is added in the form of discarded restaurant grease and "animal fat" that is a by-product of the rendering process. These fats are highly saturated and lack the linoleic acid essential to healthy coat and skin.

Many of the grains used come from wheat rejected for human consumption. Brewer's rice, a low quality rice product is void of the nutrients found in whole rice. Corn gluten is the dried residue left from the milling process. Glutens are added to slow down the transition of rancid animal fats. This holds waste in which causes kidneys and livers to work overtime and our pets pay the consequences with ill health.

Fillers are often used that consistent of wood pulp, corncobs and peanut hulls.

Our pet's food is filled with additives and chemical preservatives such as BHA Russell Wilson Black Jersey , BHT and ethoxyquin which are potential cancer-causing agents.

According to the Animal Protection Institute, "to make pet food nutritious, manufacturers fortify it with vitamins and minerals. Why? Because the ingredients they are using are not wholesome?and harsh manufacturing processes destroy many of the nutrients the food had to begin with".

It is not unusual for commercially prepared pet foods to be contaminated with bacteria and endotoxins from using diseased animals rejected by slaughterhouses for human consumption.

The bottom line here is that ingredients in many of the commercially prepared, pre-processed pet foods vary widely in content and quality and are marginally nutritious at best. Pre-processed foods are a major source of allergies and chronic digestive problems in our pets.

What can you do? Consider replacing commercial foods with an all- natural dry food. Supplement with fresh foods. Many people are trying raw diets for their pets and more and more pet owners prepare their pet's food fresh daily. There are many books on the subject and lots of information via the Internet.

If you are interested in learning more about natural pet foods, please visit and read about Barker and Friends Natural Pet Treats and Flint River Ranch All Natural Pet Foods for dogs and cats. We use only human-grade Ugo Amadi Camo Jersey , natural ingredients to protect the health of our pets. You may request a free sample of Flint River Ranch by emailing Barker and Friends at creaturecomfortsnewsletter@ .

If you would like to find some good books on the topic of pet nutrition, visit our website and click on the link on our Links page.

To receive Creature Comforts Pet Care Newsletter on a regular basis, email us at creaturecomfortsnewsletter@ .

Sherry Massey is the owner of Barker and Friends Natural Dog Treats and a distributor for Flint River Ranch Natural Pet Foods. Natural nutrition for our pets is just as important as it is for us. We can give our furry friends a longer, healthier life simply by feeding them whole, all natural foods and eliminating chemical preservatives and additives from their diet. Its never too late to start. Dealing with in-laws can be a very tricky situation that we all know and making them happy is another super tricky situation. If they are acceptingand love you like a daughter Phil Haynes Camo Jersey , then you are lucky enough. Otherwise,you are in for a really dangerous situation. When their wedding anniversary comes, you need to gift them something that will make both ofthem happy and will make them proud of you. You can gift them a lot of things, but it has to be unique, creative and meaningful. So Gary Jennings Jr Camo Jersey , here is a list of ideas that we have summed up for you that you can use to get thebest gift for your in-laws and be the best daughter-in-law ever.
鈥?You can order anniversary cake as a surprise and show themjustat midnight. Make sure the cake is of their favourite flavour and also make sure that it is something unique and nice and not what you see every day. Order something different to melt away their heart with the sweetness of the cake. You can even order photo cake, which will contain pictures of them and this will make them very glad and surprised as well. They will always cherish this memory.
鈥?If you in-laws love to travel, then the best gift will be a pair of tickets for a weekend gateway. They will be more than happy. Make them blush like teenagers again and let them enjoy their second honeymoon at an age where they can surely take this opportunity to relax.
鈥?You can even gift them some items that they can use to decorate their room like a potpourri basket, scented candles set, vases Cody Barton Camo Jersey , a comfortable rug, a small coffee table or some comfy pillows even.
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