Customer centric marketing

Customer centric marketing

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Customer-centric marketing:
Nowadays, with increasing number of competitors in every type of business and increasing customer expectations, in order to be customer-centric and maintain our customers and provide them with satisfaction we need to use various marketing and advertising methods. Nowadays, with advances in science and technology, many physical advertising methods such as tractor printing, banner printing, web-based advertising and web-based advertising such as banners on related sites and guerrilla advertising and sampling and advertising-based methods Social networking as well as digital marketing methods have been provided, all of which aim to provide customer satisfaction and achieve an organizational goal that is to generate more profit and revenue.

To better understand customer needs, one must first answer a question:

What kind of trend does your business have?

Quality product or product-centric: As the name implies, this approach to business is focused on producing products and includes a small segment of the market that can target a unique product specific to your company and the marketing team. They are looking for specific customers in their business.

Cheap or high production or production-driven: In this way, products are manufactured regardless of quality and are intended only to provide cheap products.

Professional Sales or Sales-driven: In this model of business orientation, the goal is to sell more products and businesses focus on selling, and so on their sales team such as sales advertising, PR sales, learning sales techniques and Etc. They invest more.

Customer-oriented or customer-centric: This trend encompasses a wide range of businesses and takes first place. In this way, the customer comes first and the goal of all companies is to better understand customers and meet their needs by providing superior products and services.

Now for customer satisfaction and maintenance they need to use customer-centric marketing.

What is Marketing?

There are many definitions for marketing, but in general marketing refers to a set of activities and processes that transmit and exchange whatever is valuable to customers, clients, business partners and the community.

What is customer-centric marketing?
Customer-centric marketing is a process that, after the production of a product or service, brings the customer to a true understanding of the value of that product or service produced and causes the customer to buy it not for the product but for the product's value, in other words, marketers. By describing the benefits and features of a product to customers, they inform them of the correct use and feedback that results from using that product, and customers rely on this awareness of your product not for its own sake but for its value. Created and used by the goods or services purchased and used if the products manufactured by them

What is the Importance of Customer-centric Marketing?
The customer is at the forefront of all businesses, and business owners strive to bring more customers into their workplace and keep them on their toes with the satisfaction of customers because of the success of a business with clients Customers are the reason for the continuity of a business. The concern for business owners and the questions they are constantly asked are:

What are your customers' interests and needs?

What makes customers loyal?

How will changes in market and customer behavior affect customer behavior?

Constant thinking and timely response to these questions will help business owners get on the right path to marketing, with customer satisfaction and understanding of their needs and interests, approaches, strategies, and policies appropriate to the process of producing their products or services. Considered and tailored to the needs of the market and customers, they can provide useful solutions that respond to the needs of the market and customers in a timely manner, as a business is successful in producing multiple products over a specified period of time, not just after Fix the need, because customer orientation arises when supply exceeds demand But if demand goes up supply will inevitably drive its customers to businesses and businesses are less likely to seek solutions to attract customers.

What are the elements of customer-centric marketing?

Content: Having the right content can always make your customers feel good and loyal.

Location: Advertising and marketing are valuable when implemented in the right place and where the customer spends his time.

Timing: Timing is important in evoking a sense of customer confidence. Developing a timely and accurate plan at the right time to deliver customer support will build trust and communication between you and your customers and awaken customers in the sense that the product or service you provide can meet customer needs. .

Steps to Implement Customer-centric Marketing:
1) Attracting Customers:

The goal is to entice customers, gain loyal customers, and promote them word-of-mouth to reach more customers. The following steps can attract more customers:

A) Blogs: You can solve customer needs and problems by generating relevant educational and practical content and sharing them on your blog, and by eliminating ambiguities by creating a survey box and answering their questions.

B) Keywords: Keywords are words that your customers search for in the search engines. You can respond to your customers' needs by using keywords and placing them in content that is relevant.

C) Social Networks: Today, social networks are the perfect platform for sharing your questions, content, products and services, answering questions and answering them.

2) How to turn an attracted customer into a loyal customer?

A) Creating Customer Contact Forms: To create our communication bridge between you and your customers, you must create forms so that your customers can get in touch with you by entering their contact information and you can regularly send them the information they need. do .

B) call to actions (CTA): A CTA is a link that encourages the audience to do something such as download a story, share a story, post a comment, or share a picture or something.

C) Landing Pages: Landing pages are pages where the customer becomes a follower by clicking on those pages and entering customer information into this page.

3) Follower's approach to customer:

A) Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Customer Relationship Management in the sense of taking advantage of ways to attract a customer and turn it into a permanent customer in a way that is profitable.

B) Email: Send educational and practical information to customers by email and communicate with them so that you can gain the trust they need to become real customers and request you for a product or service.

4) Customer Satisfaction:

Buying or receiving customer service is not about ending your relationship with them but about getting started, you need to build customer confidence so that customers can order more and respond to their needs in order to be loyal to you. You have to have good support services so that they are satisfied with you and whether they want to define you and how your brand is being served to others and attract more customers you can also get encouraging tricks. You can use the following methods to satisfy customers.

Questionnaire: By designing a questionnaire you can know your customers' needs and respond to them in a timely manner.

Clever content: Customer information is constantly being updated and their desire to move to a more modern, sophisticated, world-class method is increasingly being sought after by companies and service providers that offer newer products and services. Be more diverse, so always introduce new services and products to your customers so you can get their feedback.
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