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How do you rename your chromecast?

PostZamieszczono: 28 kwie 2018, o 09:34
autor: janetevans

I'm facing a problem related to Chromecast. I just want to know that how can i rename our chromecast. But i don't know how to rename and what can i do. So please anyone
help me to solve this problem.

Thank You

Re: How do you rename your chromecast?

PostZamieszczono: 30 kwie 2018, o 11:24
autor: veronicamurray

Tap the Settings button to give it a new name. Just launch the Chromecast app, tap the Devices tab, then tap the Settings button (the one that looks like a gear) for the particular Chromecast you'd like the rename. Tap Name, then pick a new name for your Chromecast—say, “Ben's Chromecast,” or “Living room Chromecast.

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Re: How do you rename your chromecast?

PostZamieszczono: 30 kwie 2018, o 13:28
autor: janetevans

Re: How do you rename your chromecast?

PostZamieszczono: 1 maja 2018, o 11:19
autor: julianwang

You can rename Chromecast at any time as you like.
During the initial setup, you are given the chance to name your Chromecast so that you can distinguish it from other Chromecast devices. You can use anything to name your Chromecast. You can use up to 24 characters for the name of your Chromecast.

After the initial setup, you can still rename Chromecst if you want. For example, the name of your ex-girlfriend probably is no longer a good choice when you enjoy the device with your new girlfriend. Sometimes, you may want to rename Chromecast to something meaningful if you forget to change the default name during the initial setup.

It is very straightforward to rename Chromecast from your mobile phones or tablet. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to give a new name to your Chromecast.

In the following example, I will show you how to rename Chromecast device from “Chromecast2013” to “” from an Android phone.

Step 1: Start your Chromecast App on your phone
Step 2: Connect your mobile phone to Chromecast
Step 3: Rename Chromecast
Step 4: Check the new name of Chromecast

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