Thai Garland Flower Arrangement - Bu-Ngasari Florist School

Thai Garland Flower Arrangement - Bu-Ngasari Florist School

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Thai Malai or Thai garland is one of the most worthy handicrafts which initiated by Thai Royalty more than a Hundred years ago. It was invented for worshiping Gods and later on was applied to decorate the Hall and used as one of the favorable accessary of Thai woman. We, as a new generation, have learned and carried on the conventional methodology of Thai florist and have cultivated to be as patient as the Ancient in order to complete an exquisite master piece. Lately, there are several researches and records explaining in details about how to select an appropriate flower to use, its procedures, a technique of maintaining materials, and more. One of the interested technique that affects the beautifulness of garland is how the florist maintains the freshness of the flower while using them due to the negative circumstance that may possibly happen such as the change of petal’s color, as it easily withers, and wasting resources. Therefore, we will explain more about the technique of flower maintenance in this article.

First of all, florist should be capable to estimate the amount of flower that he/she will use before taking them out of the container in order to avoid the direct contact to the petals that you may use it later on. And also, the good estimation skills could help you save cost and time consuming as you do not need to waste an unusable petal and open the container too often.
Secondly, florist must understand and truly know how much water their flowers need based on the difference of the species have different rate of water demand. This technique could help you protect your flowers from being drown and turn to be defective. An example of flower species which have high water rate demands are roses, and all type of leaves. And for low water rate demands are orchids, champak, white champak, Allamanda, etc. For this type, if they got too much water, their petal will wither and get darker color until it is rotten faster than normal. And for Ervatamia and crown flower, are the good example of a group that need no watering during the use.
Last is about how to keep each finishing part fresh and ready to combine together. Each element of garland will consume different time to finish. Florist has a duty to keep every parts in a good condition since the first one until the last. Therefore, until the last element’s done, florist can use straining cloth or banana leaf to cover the previous works, or temporary pack them into a cool bag. These could protect your works from losing its moisture until you use it again.
The foregoing is just a part of an essence that florist should be acknowledged. Moreover, there are so many technical secrets about flower arrangement Bangkok and Thai flower arrangement Bangkok, which have been told by the elders from time to time until the present. Finally, it is a right time to introduce one of the best florist school in Bangkok offering English class of Thai garland, teaching flower technique Bangkok suitable for anyone who prefer English or Bilingual study flower arrangement Bangkok and study Thai flower arrangement Bangkok. Please visit our main website for more information;
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