Racism is all about calling people names

Racism is all about calling people names

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Yeah talking as someone who played with RS all growing up and purchased gold a couple of times, it appeared awesome but maybe not that big of a deal. I still loved the sport. I had not played OSRS gold in quite a while got older, and got straight back on. I understood RuneScape gold was now insanely cheap and easy to get. I bought like 100m. It was great! I really could train anything I wanted to, buy nice equipment and supplies, and not have to worry about money! Finally I'd run out of money, because I could buy a lot more for next to nothing but it wasn't a big deal. As fun as it was for a short time, you understand very quickly that the game really has no purpose, and it especially has no purposes knowing that I was able to grind on RS to finally make 3m and hour... or that I could function in real life for 1 hour, also buy 100+m.

What, you think racism is all about calling people names? No! It is about exploiting the other individual suffering for your own benefit. I wonder you'll be receiving, but hey that is business. Damn son, I know in your mind you are feeling well but your type of people are bad and likely why the miracle is so fucked up today. Didn't even make it 1 min into watching.For actual, who is paying for this gold and such that is made from robots as well as the farmers? Anyways, I strongly dislike all botters/farmers no matter what it does to the"game economy." It is a game and if botters/farmers didn't exist, then skillers are more profitable and it would feel to be an achievement.

From a which Runescape attempts to portray for the farmers/botters. You still can't match the counter-argument where they're still breaking ToS along with the companies that are abusing it are just scum. They misuse the Venezuelans for money and behave as if they're currently contributing to their own well-being. When Jagex decides to just altogether ip ban Venezuelan even though they would ditch them in a heart beat. A better option would be Jagex donating a buck or two per membership into a Venezuelan finance and assisting them that way (tax violate bb for Jagex.) No-one cares to correct anything and we got this wish-wash bs.

This is just some irl servant labor where the rich gets richer in a guise of mortality. See to the issue until it gets worse. Otherwise to buy RuneScape gold, the situation won't ever get in game and irl. Particularly when Runescapes' player base shrinks and pockets become tighter.
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