epson printer offline windows 10

epson printer offline windows 10

Postautor: usatechblog123 » 9 wrz 2019, o 14:16

The first reason behind the Epson printer is offline windows 10that can be the not proper connection of usb cable and that makes the trouble for the printers A user must check that both the ends of usb cable is properly connected with the computer and the printer. After that check that printer ethernet cable is properly inserted in the computer and if in case that printer is in wireless in nature then checkout the internet connection and make sure that it is connected to your router. If in case you are using the cable with the multiple ports and sockets on your printer then You should try the other cables so that you can get to know that fault is not in cable. Then after that checkout the printer is working or not because the fault can be in your network connection.
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