Renub Research | Food Safety Testing Market

Renub Research | Food Safety Testing Market

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Food safety testing relates to the examination of foodstuff for disease-causing organisms, bacteria, chemicals, and many other hazardous materials. Food safety testing mainly targeted to the Pathogen, genetically modified organisms, allergen, agriculture chemicals & pesticides and toxins. Global Food Safety Testing Market is anticipated to surpass US$ 18 Billion by the end of the year 2025.

Most of the food-borne diseases happen suddenly, and some people recover on their own without treatment, but some people require diagnostic services as well as treatment. Sometimes the food-borne illness can have more severe complications. According to the U.S. Department of health, an estimated 48 million people in the United States faces a food-borne illness. In the United States, Food-borne diseases cause about 3,000 deaths annually.


Several leading food official agencies across the world implement many rules and regulation to ensure the quality and safety of foods will propel the food safety testing market in the global arena. Now a day’s many cases come up of food-borne disease in many countries because of consumption of contaminated food, including hazardous chemicals and toxins. There is a rise in food fraud companies, who intentionally adulterate for financial profit due to fierce competition among food distributor and producer. There are various other factors such as pesticides, an artificial taste enhancer, and requisite certification from companies, which act as a fuel for the growth of food safety testing market.

Renub Research report titled “Food Safety Testing Market, Volume, Forecast & Global Analysis, By Contaminants (Pathogen [Salmonella, Listeria, E.Coli, Campylobacter, Others], GMO, Allergens, Agriculture Chemicals and Toxins), Technology (Traditional Microbiology, Molecular Diagnostics and Immunodiagnostics) Regions (North America, Western Europe, Japan, China and Rest of World) Companies (SGS SA, Eurofins Scientific, Intertek Group plc (UK), Bureau Veritas SA (France), ALS Limited, TÜV SÜD, TÜV Nord Group, AsureQuality Ltd, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings)” studies the global food safety testing market and volume.

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Food Safety Testing Market Fragmentation by Contamination

In this report, we have categorized the food safety testing market by contaminants into five parts; Pathogen, Agriculture Chemicals, Allergens, GMO, Toxins, and Others. In the global arena, food producer mainly focuses on Pathogen because it constitutes a high degree of contaminants found in food.


Genetically Modified Organism segment is anticipated to be the fastest-expanding market in the coming years

GMO is one of the fastest growing segment as the awareness among consumer are rising for GMOs foodstuff. Now a day, GMOs food producer understands the need of consumer because the consumers are reluctant to consume the genetically modified organisms foodstuff without knowing nutritional and safety information. Therefore, GMOs producer focuses more on testing and labelling the food to ensure complete safety of food products.

Pathogen segment is one of the Largest Segments

Pathogen segment is one of the most significant segments in the food safety testing market. In this report, we have done a comprehensive analysis of Pathogen via a different perspective. The pathogen is further fragmented into five parts; Salmonella, E–Coli, Listeria, Campylobacter, and Others.

Countries Analysis - Global Food Safety Testing Market

In this report, we have segmented food safety testing market into five regional fronts; Western Europe, North America, China, Japan and Rest of the World. Besides, we have done a complete regional analysis of the global food safety testing market.

All the 9 Companies studied in the report has been analyzed from the following points

• Overview
• Food Safety Portfolios
• Merger/Acquisition
• Financial Insights

Companies – Overview, Food Safety Portfolios, Merger/Acquisition, Financial Insights

2- Eurofins Scientific
3- Intertek Group plc (UK)
4- Bureau Veritas SA (France)
5- ALS Limited
7- TÜV Nord Group
8- AsureQuality Ltd
9- Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings

Global Food Safety Testing Market & Volume

• Contaminants
• Regions
• Method/Technology

Segmentation based by Contaminants

• Pathogen [Salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli, Campylobacter and Others]
• Allergens
• Agriculture Chemicals
• Toxins


Segmentation based on Regions

• North America
• Western Europe
• Japan
• China
• Rest of the World

Segmentation based on Method / Technology Used

• Traditional Microbiology
• Molecular Diagnostics
• Immunodiagnostics

If the information you seek is not included in the current scope of the study kindly share your specific requirements with our custom research team at [][/url]

Key Topics Covered :

1. Introduction
2. Research & Methodology
3. Executive Summary
4. Global – Food Safety Testing Market & Forecast
5. Global – Food Safety Testing Volume & Forecast
6. Market Share – By Segment

6.1 By Contaminant
6.2 By Pathogen Food Testing
6.3 By Regions
6.4 By Method / Technology

7. Volume Share – By Segment

7.1 By Contaminant
7.2 By Pathogen Food Testing
7.3 Regional
7.4 By Method / Technology

8. Contaminant - Food Testing Market & Volume

8.1 Pathogen
8.2 Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Testing
8.3 Allergens
8.4 Agricultural Chemicals
8.5 Toxins

9. Pathogen - Food Safety Testing Market & Volume

9.1 Salmonella
9.2 E–Coli
9.3 Listeria
9.4 Campylobacter
9.5 Others

10. Regions - Food Safety Testing Market & Volume

10.1 North America
10.2 Western Europe
10.3 Japan
10.4 China
10.5 Other Countries

11. Method / Technology - Global Food Safety Testing Market & Volume

11.1 Traditional Microbiology
11.2 Molecular Diagnostics
11.3 Immunodiagnostics

12. Growth Drivers

12.1 Food Recalls for 2018 & Customer Reaction
12.2 Regulatory Modernization

13. Challenges

13.1 Antibiotic Resistance: An Emerging Food Safety Concern

14. Companies Profile

14.1 SGS SA
14.2 Eurofins Scientific
14.3 Intertek Group plc (UK)
14.4 Bureau Veritas SA (France)
14.5 ALS Limited
14.6 TÜV SÜD
14.7 TÜV Nord Group
14.8 AsureQuality Ltd
14.9 Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings

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