How important is replacing Kyle Williams with a bona fide st

How important is replacing Kyle Williams with a bona fide st

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WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections NewsNotesOpinionAnalysisDiscussionPodcastNFL DraftSalary CapOpinionNotes2019 Buffalo Bills free agencyQ&A: Spencer Long contract Marcus Murphy Jerseys 2019 , Buffalo Bills free agency bonanzaNew,5commentsHow important is replacing Kyle Williams with a bona fide starter this year?ESTShareTweetShareShareQ&A: Spencer Long contract, Buffalo Bills free agency bonanzaOn this week’s episode of Buffalo Rumblings Q&A, we tackle Buffalo Bills questions around Spencer Long’s contract, free-agent wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, the urgency needed in replacing Kyle Williams, as well as adding a trio of Pittsburgh Steelers: Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and Jesse James.As always, you can call 24/7 and leave your questions at 716-508-0405, email us at White Ryan Groy Jerseys , tweet us at @RumblingsQandA, send us Facebook messages, or leave your comments below.Featured Question of the week “What do you think of Spencer Long’s contract? Does it mean he’s a starter for the Bills in 2019?”The short answer is “meh.” I don’t think Long’s contract is going to stop them from signing a top-tier center. If they get one, they can move Long to guard and be done with it. He provides positional versatility in the starting lineup or he can slide over and be the backup center. I also don’t think his contract is too prohibitive. If they want to get rid of him in August or a year from now, it’s pretty easy. I know folks around here got a little bunched up by the signing and how big the numbers were, but if backups around the league are making $2.5 million, a guy who might be your starting guard can make $3 to $4 million. In the rest of our podcast we tackle some other topics. Listen above or download on your favorite podcast app now!Related LinksBills sign Spencer LongInitial contract numbers out for Spencer LongSpencer Long contract detailsState of the Bills roster: defensive tackleWhat should the Bills do at defensive tackle this offseason?Texans release WR Demariyus ThomasNumber of teams interested in Antiono Brown increasingHow would Bills fans feel about trading for Antonio Brown? The Buffalo Bills have been up and down with penalties all year (mostly up). Against the Indianapolis Colts, the Bills managed to significantly cut back from their dreadful penalty performance against the Texans the week before. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it sure as heck didn’t get them any closer to a win. Also, the Bills continue to be on the cutting edge of new and exciting formations. Standard and Advanced MetricsPenalty CountFor Buffalo, the assessed count is a touch above the league average. The “true” count, or total flags thrown is a little under the league average. So we’ll be generous and say the Bills had a pretty average day in how many flags were tossed. The Colts fall cleanly below average for flags with only four assessed. A fifth was called but declined by Buffalo. Penalty YardsIf you check the official stats you’ll see a different number for the Bills on assessed yards. My number is adjusted based on the illegal formation penalty that’s described thoroughly below. As a result of my adjustment Ryan Groy Jerseys 2019 , the Bills land a decent amount over league average. My adjustment was for 13 yards. As a result, you could make the argument the Bills were average here as well. The Bills did not negate any yardage via penalty which is good news. While the Colts did (13 yards negated), they still come out ahead of Buffalo. Penalty HarmIndianapolis ColtsThe Colts had a few penalties that could have been drive killers but we clearly saw that it didn’t slow them down a whole lot. The declined offensive pass interference on Chester Rogers is naturally a boo-boo with zero harm. Kemoko Turay’s offside flag was yardage only for another boo-boo. Rogers’ illegal block above the waist was only nine yards difference from the outcome of the original play as it negated a one-yard loss. As a result it falls under 1.0 Harm as well. Quenton Nelson’s offensive holding call wiped out three yards and Eric Ebron’s penalty wiped out eleven. The Colts finished with 4.8 Harm, which is a very good day. None of the Colts’ penalties were especially noteworthy, so instead of a clip of an Indianapolis flag, let’s check in on Tre’Davious White’s new penchant for being penalized. Against the Texans, White was called for three flags. While none of the three were truly blown calls, it felt like White was being picked on a bit by the refs. In this case, it looks like he earned it. Buffalo BillsOf the seven penalties, four were boo-boos. Jordan Phillips’ offside, Kyle Williams’ neutral zone infraction and Jordan Mills’ false start were all five yards and that’s it. We’ll come back to the illegal formation in just a moment. We’ve already covered White’s DPI. Kelvin Benjamin didn’t start the fight White Vladimir Ducasse Jerseys , but his retaliation certainly could be considered unnecessary roughness. The chart contains an error on this, as it was actually assessed for 14 yards. EDIT: I fixed the charts. Let’s take a look at this formation issue to discuss the last two flags. On the field, this was called on number 94 (no one on the Bills roster wears this number) and was assessed as one yard. I attributed it to Kyle Williams and called it good for 14. The NFL rules indicate “A Team B [The Bills are team B here] player, who is within one yard of the line of scrimmage, must have his entire body outside the snapper’s shoulder pads at the snap.” Williams has an inch or two aligned with the snapper’s shoulder pad and the ref is in perfect position to see it. I adjusted the yardage as the Colts initially line up at the 15 for the extra point. This snap is an anomaly in the NFL in that it’s the only one where a team chooses where the line of scrimmage is. Penalties such as illegal formation result in a state called “no play” where the previous play is essentially erased. The play is redone but with the assessed penalty in consideration. What this means is that the “no play” status allowed the Colts to choose the line of scrimmage a second time but with the penalty in effect. Choice A is another kick at the nine-yard line, or go for two with half the distance to the goal (at the one yard line). They decided to go for two. To come up with the harm rating we then get 14 yards assessed - 1 point = 0.4 Harm. I elected to mitigate the harm by subtracting the point the penalty took off the board. If the Bills made a stop this would have been an instance of a “good” penalty.Another anomaly with the extra point/two point conversion is that they exist out of official time. Put another way, it’s not counted as a true down. The refs put this concept to maximum use when Hughes was called for unsportsmanlike conduct after the illegal formation. When a penalty occurs between downs, it can be assessed on the next play. The next “play” was the two point conversion. As this isn’t a true down they carried it over to the kickoff which is a true play. Despite all the wacky and obscure rules the Bills put to the test in this game, they finished with only 6.2 Harm. It’s not that the Bills didn’t have self inflicted wounds against Indianapolis. They just came from aspects of the game other than penalties.
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Re: How important is replacing Kyle Williams with a bona fid

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