Jets Film Review: Overcommitment Means Doom

Jets Film Review: Overcommitment Means Doom

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Sometimes commitment is a good thing: see Lee Youth Jachai Polite Jersey , D. vs the Lions. Sometimes, though, you get carried away: see Lee. D against Miami.On Sunday three plays doomed the Jets, three miscues, including two overcommitments and one case of Buster Skrine.Lets’ dive in.There’s a fine line between trying to blow a play up and getting blown up. Darron Lee found himself on the wrong end of that bargain.The Dolphins run a simple zone right play. This is the classic blocking scheme where the play goes right, but the back has the freedom to choose his own hole.The Jets played this straight up. They’d have to win a one on one for this play to get disrupted.Lee shoots hard left but overcommits to the left side and gives up his hole. Drake sees the hole opening up between Lee and the outside man. To be fair to Lee, he’s not the worst looking guy on this play, the nose tackle completely turns his shoulders.Both men get washed out, Copeland, the outside man stalemates and actually gets beaten by the OT to the inside. A crease is formed and...see you later. Miami’s got the lead. The next TD is Buster Skrine continuing to be an enigma. He’ll have a game or two every year where he’ll play out of his mind, but in between we get stinkers like this one.It’s really simple, the Dolphins run a three man pattern out of trips right with an underneath crossing route, a deep corner route and some type of WR arrow route on the outside.Skrine gives his man plenty of room to make a move. The deep safety (for obvious reasons) favors the right side of the field and has eyes for the one deep route which is the corner route.Once Skrine is beaten to the outside, it’s game over. Skrine is the only defender on that side of the field with the safety committing to the deep route. He shares little to no responsibility for anything that happened underneath.Skrine simply got beaten in a match up he had to win.Nania’s article touched on this play (and the Skrine TD) but I wanted to show how the linebacker and safety overcommitted and allowed the touchdown.The Dolphins had five men in the pattern including the wheel route out of the backfield, a deep fly route on the outside, a deeper out route with a crossing route underneath. The one that ended up scoring was a simple TE go/skinny post (sorry should be in red but it’s the deep one across the middle).The keys are Middleton and Williamson. The Jets are playing what looks like a cover two although it reminds me a bit of Tampa-2 defense with the middle linebacker dropping deep into the hole between the safeties.Middleton favors the deep sideline route figuring he has help in the middle. Williamson drops back but zeroes in on the deep in route (top of image) and forgets the opposite side of the field. By the time he reacts to the route, the TE is by him with his body facing the completely opposite direction of where the catch was made (purple line below). Middleton is also late on the route, and with no pass rush whatsoever it’s an easy TD. Both men were caught looking for something else and ended up out of position when the throw was made.One last note: call it a bold prediction or just going with what I’ve seen, but the Jets will give up a long but very quick score before halftime. In both games so far, the opponent has scored in the drive right before the half despite the odds being against them.Week One, the Lions got the ball back with 1:55 left in the first half and drove 72 yards before settling for a field goal. On that 12 play drive, they had four plays of 10+ yards Womens Jachai Polite Jersey , and the Jets gave them two penalties for first down. The Lions didn’t have a third down until they got to the three yard line, which shows you the Jets gave up big play after big play. The drive chart is not pretty.Against Miami, it was more of the same. With 2:29 left in the half Miami drove 62 yards in under two minutes for the TD. The drive took ten plays, two 3rd down conversions (one because of a defensive penalty) and two plays over ten yards.If the Jets are going to beat the Patriots or any other good team this year, this is a trend that must end. BALTIMORE (AP) — Not long after Art Modell moved his football team from Cleveland to Baltimore, a young intern joined the Ravens with hopes of learning enough to fulfill his lifelong quest of becoming an NFL general manager.Eric DeCosta was little more than an errand boy back then. Working at an entry level position, his responsibilities included taking coach Ted Marchibroda’s car for an oil change. It was a task he was more than willing to tackle, in part because he was given $100, purchased the $9.99 special and pocketed the rest of the cash.The most rewarding aspect of the job was working under Ozzie Newsome, then the vice president of player personnel. Newsome, who would ultimately become the first African American general manager in NFL history, was in charge of acquiring talent via the draft and free agency.“In 1996 when I was sitting there in my office — well, I didn’t have an office, I had a card table in the hallway — Ozzie would call me in,” DeCosta recalled.“That was one of the joys in my life, sitting down and watching tape with him. He would show me plays and players, we would talk about techniques.”The 48-year-old DeCosta now resides in a lavish office in the team’s training complex. After working his way up the team’s corporate ladder, he took over for Newsome as Baltimore’s general manager in January and this week, for the first time in franchise history, someone other than Newsome will be in charge of the Ravens draft.DeCosta’s first draft-day decision will come Thursday, when it’s time for Baltimore — barring a trade — to make the No. 22 overall pick.He can’t wait.“I wake up early in the morning thinking about the draft,” said DeCosta Authentic Jachai Polite Jersey , a Massachusetts native. “It’s been like that since I was 10 years old. I used to sit on the couch and read Will McDonough’s column and look at his mock draft in The Boston Globe. I get excited. It gives me a sense of energy, and I’m going to approach this draft as if it’s the most important thing in my life.”Newsome will serve as an adviser to DeCosta, who is thankful to have learned under a man who built two Super Bowl champions by studying countless hours of game film before drafting shrewdly and wisely.“He’s valuable. His wisdom, his expertise, his relationship with certain people in the league and agents is critical to me,” DeCosta said.“We’re so different, but he can look at me and I can look at him and we know what each other is thinking. I can say to him, ‘Ozzie, I’m uncertain about this. I don’t know which way to go. I’m here at the crossroads,’ and he’ll give me an honest opinion. Just like, when he was the GM, I could walk into his office and say, “Ozzie, we shouldn’t do this.’ And he would say, ‘OK.'”The teacher is now assisting his former student, and their chemistry should make it a seamless transition.“I’ve always seen those guys just work well together,” coach John Harbaugh said. “So, to me, it works the same way, except now Eric is in the seat. Eric is the decision-maker, and he’ll be the guy making that final call.”DeCosta was promoted to Ravens’ Midwest area scout in 1998, became director of college scouting in 2003 Jachai Polite Jersey Boys , was named director player personnel in 2008 and ascended to assistant general manager in 2012.As word of DeCosta’s ability leaked outside Baltimore, several teams were interested in interviewing him for the GM job. So in 2007, owner Steve Bisciotti promised DeCosta that he would succeed Newsome when the time was right.After ignoring overtures from several teams, including the New York Jets, Green Bay and Seattle, DeCosta ended up with the only job he really wanted.“Did I have chances? Yeah. Did I have a lot? Yeah. Did I ever really consider it? Not really,” DeCosta said. “Because every time I’d go to bed thinking that maybe I would consider something, I’d wake up and say, ‘What are you, crazy? You know you’re going to have the job someday that you’ve dreamed about, so just wait and make it perfect.'”The wait, in effect, took more than two decades. Those oil changes, that card table that served as his office and his gig as an understudy to Newsome were all part of it, and DeCosta really wouldn’t have it any other way.“Some people would think maybe that I would be embarrassed that I started off as an intern now that I’m a GM, that I want to forget that,” he said.“But to be honest with you, I cherish that, the fact that I could start out as a young person and really had to do a lot of different things. I’m proud of that. I understand what a lot of people do in this organization, because in some instances, I did those jobs.”
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Re: Jets Film Review: Overcommitment Means Doom

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