Coach Pat Shurmur said the Giants “believe in Eli

Coach Pat Shurmur said the Giants “believe in Eli

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” Manning despite the veteran quarterback’s struggles. Manning believes in himself White Kyle Lauletta Jerseys , too.鈥淚 know I can play better,鈥?Manning said Friday, via Michael Eisen of the team website. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 play well last night. I’ve got to make better decisions and get back to just doing my job, not trying to do anything more, not trying to force things. Just find completions and move the ball, and try to score more points.”The truth is: Manning can’t play much worse.He completed 24 of 43 passes for 281 yards and an interception in Thursday night’s loss to the Eagles. The Giants went 4-for-14 on third down after going 0-for-7 on third down last week, and they scored no touchdowns on three trips in the red zone against the Eagles.With the Giants last in the NFC East at 1-5, everyone, it seems, is calling for Manning’s job. Manning, though, said he is unbothered by the criticism of his play.鈥淚t bugs me that we鈥檙e 1-5 Kyle Lauletta Jerseys 2019 ,鈥?Manning said. 鈥淲hat people say never got to me, never bothered me. But you work extremely hard to go have a big year and you鈥檙e excited about things, and to be in this situation, yeah it bothers you, and it鈥檚 tough. But the only thing you can do is keep working and keep grinding. Try to bring this team together. It鈥檚 a new scheme, a lot of new players, and it鈥檚 just a matter of everybody just making those improvements. Everybody just doing their job a little bit better, knowing exactly what your assignments are, knowing exactly what you need to do and working on it and perfecting that craft.鈥漈he Giants don’t have a great option to turn to behind Manning, having not drafted a quarterback until the fourth-round. Journeyman Alex Tanney is the backup quarterback and rookie Kyle Lauletta the No. 3.鈥淲e鈥檙e not talking about a quarterback change,” Shurmur said.At least not this week. The New York Giants’ season is almost over, and we are almost in to the 2019 off-season. It isn’t yet officially draft season White Evan Engram Jerseys , but thanks to the Giants’ 1-7 start to the season, we had good reason to get started early. I put out my own mock draft what feels like an eternity ago, way back when the Giants held the number one overall pick. At the time, it didn’t look like the Giants would win another game this year. Then they ran into a stretch of games in which they faced teams which were injured, bad, starting back-up quarterbacks, or some combination of the above.Now, it looks like the Giants will be drafting somewhere in the latter part of top ten. And with Christmas looming (somehow it seems like it is way too early, and this season has taken forever to get to this point) I decided it was a good time to take a peek ahead to Draftmas and see what could be in store for the Giants.Before we get to the various picks themselves, I should note that the draft position of these various mock drafts will depend on when they were made. There are currently five teams tied with the Giants for record and draft position is incredibly fluid right now. Case in point, when I put together the post for the Giants’ current draft position on Monday morning, they held the eighth overall pick. Tuesday morning Evan Engram Jerseys 2019 , following Monday Night Football, the Giants held the ninth overall pick. I noted the date of the various drafts just to try and avoid confusion. Mocking The Draft (12/17/18)The Draft NetworkJon Ledyard’s mock draft (12/17/18)Round table mock draft (12/14/18)Drafttek (12/11/18)Final ThoughtsI’m not going to offer my own thoughts on any of these picks. You can go click through to the various drafts and see which players are still on the board. Personally, I’m waiting until after the deadline for underclassmen to declare (January, 16th), to make my second attempt at a mock draft. Which underclassmen declare (and which choose to return to school) can have a huge effect on the draft board. Best example? Both Justin Herbert and Dwayne Haskins are mocked to the Giants up above, and both could return to school (and would certainly benefit from doing so). So, in the spirit of the coming holiday, I put the question to you Big Blue View: Which of these presents would you prefer for Draftmas?
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