The Jets will officially introduce Adam Gase as their head

The Jets will officially introduce Adam Gase as their head

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coach on Monday. We will likely hear more detailed explanations behind their decision Mark Gastineau Jerseys 2019 , but team CEO Christopher Johnson and general manager Mike Maccagnan released the following comments in a statement yesterday announcing the hiring.Christopher JohnsonAt the onset of the interview process, I wanted to hire a head coach who was the right person and the right fit for our organization. We talked to a number of excellent candidates and it became clear to me that Adam was the person who will help us establish a winning program and a winning culture. Adam is a young, creative mind, but he also has 22 years of coaching experience. He is an innovator whose path saw him succeed at both the college and the NFL levels,. He has helped a number of different quarterbacks, at various stages of their careers, reach new heights. We think Sam (Darnold) will continue to develop under his tutelage, but we made the decision because of Adam’s vision for the entire football team.Mike MaccagnanThis was a thorough process and we had the opportunity to speak with some outstanding people. Adam is an experienced teacher who has a great passion for the game. His work with quarterbacks has been well-documented, but he is a good communicator who will build an excellent staff. He can’t wait to get started and I’m eager to work with him as well. Disagree? Click here to read why the Jets are doomed.Let us quickly rewind to December 30th, 2018. To no one’s surprise, the Jets had decided to fire head coach Todd Bowles after 4 unsuccessful..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Jets StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Jets NewsYahoo Jets Team PageYahoo Jets ReportYahoo Jets Depth ChartYahoo Jets TransactionsYahoo Jets PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁昉oint/Counterpoint: Reasons to Believe the Jets Will Win the Super Bowl Within the Next Two SeasonsNew,15commentsEDTShareTweetShareSharePoint/Counterpoint: Reasons to Believe the Jets Will Win the Super Bowl Within the Next Two SeasonsDisagree? Click here to read why the Jets are doomed.Let us quickly rewind to December 30th Youth Wayne Chrebet Jerseys , 2018. To no one’s surprise, the Jets had decided to fire head coach Todd Bowles after 4 unsuccessful years. However, after weeks of rumors, the Jets retained Mike Maccagnan, the man who built the current roster, one that is seemingly void of high end talent. I think it’s safe to say that most fans on this publication have both praised the move to fire Todd Bowles, as well as criticized the move to retain Mike Maccagnan at some point over the past few months. The reasons behind why keeping Mike Maccagnan was a bad idea has been discussed on Gang Green Nation ad nauseam. I, too, think the Jets should have started completely fresh and hired a new dynamic duo at Head Coach and GM. However, we are stuck with Maccagnan for at least one more season, in what will be a very pivotal year for this franchise, with the enormous amount of cap space the Jets have.With that being said Wayne Chrebet Jerseys Stitched , recent success of the Philadelphia Eagles should give us hope that the Jets were indeed right by trusting Maccagnan with approximately $100 million dollars and Sam Darnold’s future.Why does the Eagles’ recent success give us hope as Jets fans? Let’s start by looking towards another pivotal day in recent NFL history: December 29th, 2015.On December 29th, 2015, the Eagles fired Chip Kelly.The Eagles decided to keep their General Manager, Howie Roseman.While during the 2015 season, Chip Kelly had usurped roster control from Roseman, the Eagles retained Roseman after the season and had given him back his General Manager responsibilities.Similar to Maccagnan, Roseman outlasted his coach, and was in charge of hiring a new coach. Much like the decision to keep Maccagnan, the move to keep Roseman was met with plenty of criticism.Response to Keeping Howie Roseman:Within a few days of the Chip Kelly firing, Bleeding Green Nation discussed the move to retain Howie Roseman in the following articles: Chip Kelly Fired: Are the Eagles the new Browns?Eagles Decision to put Howie Roseman back in charge and not hire a real general manager is very troubling.The articles and comment sections provide several gems that are very eerily similar to what the Jets fanbase have been saying about the decision to keep Maccagnan:A poll from the second article shows that out of 3715 readers, 90% of them were not confident in the power structure of Howie Roseman and Tom Donahoe.The response for keeping Roseman was ultimately very negatively viewed by the fanbase at the time.However Infant Jachai Polite Jersey , what about the fan response of the Doug Pederson hiring?Response to Hiring Doug Pederson:Here are two articles that were posted on Bleeding Green Nation when Doug Pederson got hired:Eagles Hire Doug Pederson: Do you approve of Philadelphia’s head coach selection?Philadelphia Eagles Officially Hire Doug Pederson as Head CoachThese articles and their comment sections offer a similar sentiment that Gang Green Nation had when we hired Adam Gase:A poll from the first article shows that out of 1914 readers, 81% of them did not want to hire Doug Pederson.The State of the Eagles Roster leading into Roseman and Pederson’s first draft:This article from Bleeding Green Nation discusses the needs of the roster: NFL Draft 2016: what is the Eagles’ biggest need?The results from the poll shows that out of 852 readers, an overwhelming majority of them identified the offense to be the biggest weakness of the team. 34% of the readers thought Offensive line was the biggest need, followed by Running Back (33%) and QB (18%).Very few votes went towards the defensive side of the ball.One glaring difference between the Eagles team and the Jets team at the time of that poll was the existence of a young Franchise QB, which we all know the Eagles ended up addressing that need by trading up for Carson Wentz.The Jets addressed that need last year by trading up for Sam Darnold.Now the Jets biggest remaining weaknesses are similar, with most fans on Gang Green Nation agreeing that Offensive Line, Running Back and Wide Receiver need to be aggressively addressed this offseason.The Jets can also add pass rusher to that list.A look into how the Eagles addressed their needs to build a Super Bowl Winning Roster:In Carson Wentz’s 2nd year, the 2017 season, the eventual Super Bowl Winning Eagles focused on getting their young QB weapons—-They signed Torrey Smith, Alshon Jeffery and LeGarrette Blount in free agency.They traded for Jay Ajayi at the trade deadline.They attempted to protect Wentz by signing Chance Warmack.They strengthened their defensive line by signing Chris Long and Timmy Jernigan.What this means for the Jets--My thoughts and Conclusions:The Jets are currently in a very similar situation that the Eagles were in when they decided to fire Chip Kelly and keep Howie Roseman. They had a roster full of holes, with many fans feeling like both Chip and Howie were responsible for the state that the Eagles were in.They decided to keep Roseman, and draft an offensive head coach that most of the fanbase did not approve of. They had plenty of needs on the offensive side of the ball. The Jets and Eagles were in very similar places. We can even say that the current day Jets might be ahead of the Eagles entering the 2016 offseason because we have already drafted our young franchise QB and have given him a year worth of valuable experience Jachai Polite Jersey Draft , while the Eagles had not yet drafted Carson Wentz.The Eagles’ Super Bowl winning roster was built on strong offensive and defensive lines as well as focusing on surrounding their young passer with weapons.The Jets should take the same approach. The Jets should prioritize improving both of their lines and pass rush.We don’t need to allocate all of our resources towards high priced weapons at the expense of building up our trenches. We should be focusing on building the trenches first and look into getting reliable weapons that Darnold can orchestrate the offense with.There are plenty of reasons to hate the fact that the Jets kept Mike Maccagnan while firing Todd Bowles and signing Adam Gase. However, I won’t be surprised if in the next 2 seasons, the very GM and Coach we currently don’t want, are standing proud on the world’s biggest stage, hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.Sam Darnold, Jamal Adams as well as a further look into the Eagles’ recent success, and the similarities between the two franchises has provided me with that hope.
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Re: The Jets will officially introduce Adam Gase as their he

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