Bucs Nation’s Bailey Adams took us down the rabbit

Bucs Nation’s Bailey Adams took us down the rabbit

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hole of potential free agent quarterbacks that the Buccaneers could turn their sights towards to replace Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Griffin. Bailey took us through just about every option available this off-season for Tampa Bay and left off with the possibility that the draft would serve as the best option overall for a backup to Jameis Winston. Let’s take a look at a potential draft option that could make sense for Jason Licht and Bruce Arians. The first option that comes to mind when thinking on non day one quarterback options would have to be Daniel Jones from Duke. Some may have Jones as a first round talent but on this content creators board Caleb Benenoch Jersey , he simply isn’t there. Let’s touch on Jones as a prospect and why he makes sense for Tampa Bay as a back-up and potential Jameis Winston crutch should Jameis struggle this coming season or another off-field mishap happen. Bruce Arians likes to push the ball down field and Daniel Jones had a good amount of success doing just that. Standing 6’5” and weighing 220 lbs, Jones has plenty of size and he has displayed very good touch on deep passes. This touch is something Jameis Winston has struggled with and in turn, the deep ball success has never formulated between Winston and DeSean Jackson. Jones may in fact give a player such as Jackson a better opportunity to hook up deep. That said, Jones lacks the ideal ball velocity for some of the more difficult throws such as deep outs and cross field throws. For those struggling to understand what we’re talking about here you can simply think back to Mike Glennon. Glennon could honestly toss a nice deep ball with some air under it. That said, Glennon struggled as a starter overall due to his inability to fit passes into tight windows and get throws to receivers in time on far side throws. Jones doesn’t seem to struggle as much as Glennon in this aspect, but it’s enough of a struggle to take him out of any first and potentially second round consideration for myself in a league built on timing and big plays. Jones statistically has maintained a solid level of play in each of his three seasons in college. Jones didn’t ever display elite accuracy or ball security in college, shown by his 59.9% completion rate and 29interceptions. Coming from Duke, Daniel Jones is a smart guy and those brains translate to the field. Jones shows a good feel inside the pocket and can be seen looking off defenders in games. Against Northwestern, Jones holds the linebacker in place with his eyes and throws a strike over the middle for Duke’s first score of the game. Inside the pocket, Jones has active feet and does a good setting them when delivering the football. The active feet allow for good accuracy and transitioning. One of the areas Jameis tends to get a bit sloppy is his footwork, for Jameis there is enough juice in his arm and will to make things happen that he gets away with more than he should at times. For Jones, who lacks elite velocity, footwork is paramount to his success. Jones got to display his work in front of scouts at the Senior Bowl where he eventually took home the MVP awards. Jones went 8-11 in the game for 115 yards and a touchdown pass to pair with his touchdown run. Why would Jones fit a Bruce Arians offense? Arians loves to push the ball downfield and Jones has great touch on his deep ball. Jones is a bright young quarterback and when slotted in behind Jameis Winston there is potential for quick growth. Being an incoming rookie, Daniel Jones would be learning the offense with Jameis Winston and the two could bounce off of one another when having questions. Arguably the biggest reason Jones (or another rookie) would make sense is the cost. Rookie contracts are gold, especially at the quarterback position and having multiple years of an inexpensive back-up quarterback would benefit the salary cap greatly. Why wouldn’t Jones fit a Bruce Arians offense? Pushing the ball downfield aside, Jones may lack the necessary velocity to make many of the other high risk throws in Arians offense. As consistent as Jones was at Duke, ball velocity simply means too much at the NFL level to believe Jones could ever become more than a competent back-up. Who knows, maybe Jameis Winston will turn it up a notch this season and solidify himself as the quarterback for years to come. Should that be the case, the backup quarterback will serve of little purpose other than garbage time duty. With the cap a bit tight heading into free agency, it’ll be interesting to see how Jason Licht approaches the quarterback position. Looking to the draft for Jameis Winston’s backup is the best option cost wise but that would mean putting a lot of faith into not only Jameis Winston’s play, but his health and overall availability this season as well. Jameis, this season is your season, time to play to the level a number one pick is meant to play at. The Buccaneers pulled off the biggest upset of the opening week of the NFL season, beating the Saints in a high-scoring shootout. Three months later, neither team is looking back.New Orleans (10-2) is on the verge of clinching another NFC South title. Tampa Bay (5-7) is trying to escape a deep hole and climb back into playoff contention.“It does feel like it’s been quite a while,” Saints coach Sean Payton said Lavonte David Jersey White , reflecting on his team’s 48-40 loss to the Bucs in Week 1.“Obviously, a lot’s taken place since then. We will be seeing a different quarterback in this game,” Payton added. “I think there are some similarities relative to what the teams do scheme-wise and yet through the course of the season, there’s been injuries, new players playing at different positions for both sides and a big enough gap to where you’re watching a lot of other tape, not just the tape of your past game.”That’s life in the NFL, which doesn’t afford much time to dwell on wins or losses.When the division rivals meet again Sunday, the Saints will be eager to rebound from a 13-10 road loss to Dallas that stopped a 10-game winning streak.The Bucs beat Carolina 24-17 last week, improving to 2-0 since Jameis Winston regained Tampa Bay’s starting quarterback job.“You don’t win 10 straight in this league if you’re not pretty good,” Bucs coach Dirk Koetter said, cautioning against reading too much into New Orleans’ only loss since Ryan Fitzpatrick led Tampa Bay past the Saints on Sept. 9.“As we’ve said many times, this is a week-to-week league and there’s good players on both sides,” Koetter added. “I don’t think the Saints are going to be losing too much sleep over losing (and) being 10-2.”New Orleans can clinch its second straight NFC South title with a win Sunday or a Carolina loss or tie.The Bucs, who haven’t made the playoffs since 2007, have won the past two meetings in the division rivalry.“We’re playing for a lot, in the position we’re in. I think our team knows that,” Payton said.“The bottom line is we control our destiny right now,” quarterback Drew Brees said. “We win this game, we win the division and that’s the first step, first goal that we set for ourselves this season. … Then, we’ll worry about the next goal.”Some things to know about the Bucs, who won two straight after a stretch in which they dropped seven of eight games, and Saints:PERSONAL RIVALRYTop Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore could be seeking a measure of redemption when he lines up against receiver Mike Evans.A year ago, Lattimore memorably frustrated Evans to the point that the big Bucs receiver leveled the cornerback along the Tampa Bay sideline as Winston and Lattimore exchanged words. Yet, in Week 1 of this season, Evans had a huge day in the Superdome against Lattimore Womens Bryan Anger Jersey , catching seven passes for 147 yards, highlighted by his 50-yard touchdown catch.But Lattimore, the 2017 defensive rookie of the year, has come back strong from that game and Payton was highly complimentary of his play this season while, to some extent, also excusing his Week 1 performance.“Marshon, we feel like, is one of the better corners in this league,” Payton said, “and I’m glad we have him.”IMPROVED PASS RUSHSince Week 7 when Tampa Bay fired defensive coordinator Mike Smith and promoted linebackers coach Mark Duffner as his replacement, the Bucs have the second-most sacks in the league with 24. The only team with more over that stretch is New Orleans with 25.RAIN READINESPayton tends to be very particular about reviewing weather forecasts for outdoor games and particularly so this week, where the forecast is calling for rain and some wind.“It doesn’t ‘look like’ it’s going to rain. It’s going to rain — 95 percent chance of rain. There’ll be some wind — 10 to 12 miles an hour. We know the direction; it’ll head from their locker room toward the pirate ship. I think the footing is going to be important relative to the shoes that we’re wearing.”To that end, the Saints were practicing outside Thursday, when Payton said their work included “wet ball drills, the whole 9 yards. It’s just understanding ball security, understanding the conditions.”Payton recalled that in September 2013, a Saints game at Tampa Bay was delayed by weather.“We’ve been there before when we were sent in … to go eat oranges for half an hour and then stretch and come back out and play,” he said.BALL SECURITYWinston, who sat out the season opener while serving a suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct penalty, has not turned the ball over since regaining his starting job two weeks ago. In his past three games, including starts vs. the 49ers and Panthers, the fourth-year pro completed 61 of 84 passes (72.6 percent) for 760 yards and six TDs vs. one interception for a 119.1rating. “He’s playing with a lot of confidence,” Payton said.“I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of turnovers. … (But) I think as long as Jameis continues to make good decisions, then he’s going to play good football,” Koetter said. “That’s really all we’re worried about.”
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Re: Bucs Nation’s Bailey Adams took us down the rabbit

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