Iniesta officially announces his departure from Barcelona

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Iniesta officially announces his departure from Barcelona

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บอล ชุด Barcelona captain Andres Iniesta officially announced his departure from the Catalan team during a press conference held Friday afternoon.

Iniesta, who won the World Cup with Spain in 2010, didn’t mention his next step, telling reporters that the season hasn’t reach an end yet and that there are many negotiations on the table to determine his future.

The Spanish player assured that he can’t play in Europe for another club except บอล ชุด Barcelona, which strengthens the reports that Iniesta’s next movement will be to the China Super League.

Iniesta started his professional career with Barcelona in 2002 after he joined the team coming from Barcelona B, which plays in the lower division of the Spanish League. He played with Barcelona’s jersey for 435 games, scoring 35 goals.

The 33 year-old attacking บอล ชุด midfielder won many trophies with both the Spanish national team and his club, as he won the 2001 UEFA U-17 Championship, UEFA U-19 Championship, UEFA Euro 2008, FIFA World Cup 2010 and UEFA EURO 2012 with Spain.

But most of his trophies were won with Barcelona, as he managed to win eight La Liga titles, six Copas Del Rey, seven Spanish Super Cups, four UEFA Champion Leagues and three FIFA Club World Cups.
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Re: Iniesta officially announces his departure from Barcelon

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