What's new with Netflix?

What's new with Netflix?

Postautor: blakejones » 26 cze 2018, o 08:01

Hello Friends...
I just want to know that What's new with Netflix? If anybody knows here, then please provide me, help. It's urgent.
Thank you
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Re: What's new with Netflix?

Postautor: anyageneral » 27 cze 2018, o 09:26


According to a few sources, Netflix is either testing or fully implementing a few new interface control features. First reported by MacRumors and first spotted by Redditor mm2nam, the new features consist of an unobtrusive volume indicator as well as the ability to use a double tap gesture to skip forward or rewind. And, if you tap on the screen once, buttons will appear that will also allow you to skip backward and forward. This, as mm2nam points out, is similar to YouTube's iOS app, which also uses double tapping to control video — on the right to fast forward 10 seconds, on the left to rewind 10 seconds — as well as a similar volume indicator.
Though it's unclear at this point whether this is an actual update that will roll out to all users or a test that only a handful of users have access to, it's a move that makes sense considering many other video streaming apps already have these controls in place to make controlling videos more intuitive. That being said, many uses commented on mm2nam's initial Reddit thread claiming that they don't yet have the feature on their updated version of Netflix. So basically, we'll just have to wait and see if it sticks.

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Re: What's new with Netflix?

Postautor: smarttvhelpline » 18 lip 2018, o 06:14

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